I'm Heidi Weinberg,

I am passionate about helping people stay independent as they age. 

Why? I’ve seen too many older adults delay taking control of their health, resulting in decreased quality of life as they age. And, I’ve helped people turn that around (yes, it can be done!). Being proactive is the only way to age well! 

I do address strength, but it’s so much more than that. Did you know there are 6 domains that contribute to quality of life as we get older? 

My training program addresses all of these, but the emphasis/order depends on YOU – YOUR goals, YOUR limitations, YOUR lifestyle.

The truth is, I’ve learned over 9 years of training older adults that they need a different approach and different programming than, say, someone in their 20s or 30s. After all, our goals and priorities shift as we age.

  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer
  •  ACE Certified Health Coach
  • -Functional Aging Specialist
  • Brain Health Specialist
  • Training the Older Adult mentorship
  • Delay the Disease/Parkinson’s
  • Master of Arts in Public Administration

Training with me will increase your:

Specializations include:

Work with me to be able to age in place, stay independent, travel, play with your grandkids, play golf or tennis, slow down the progression of disease, and decrease inflammation.

"I love how Heidi inter-mixes cognitive exercise within each workout. Her workouts are effective with a blend of core, strength, balance, and cognitive training. Every session is crisp and effective…with new exercises and a great workouts!"

“You’re the champ! He loved the workout and adores you and your approach!”

“I wanted to tell you that his gait and balance is so much better than ever!”

"I’ve been going to Heidi weekly for almost a year. I really feel the workouts she has me do are not only great for my Parkinson’s issues, but also would benefit any person as they get older." 

“Heidi creates fun and challenging routines for a full-body workout and shares tips for functional aging exercises. As a result, I have become stronger, and have a repertoire of exercises to vary my own exercise sessions”

“Heidi has been my personal trainer for over a year. I have seen improvement in my flexibility, strength, endurance, and my main goal, balance. I am much more confident in walking and completing tasks that require quick movement.
During our sessions, Heidi is well-prepared with a plan that addresses the areas of our focus., She has taken additional training since I have started with her. I trust her training and support her ideas for increasing my fitness level.”

“I’m so glad I found Heidi as my personal trainer. She is a pro who listens and understands what the client wants to work for, comes up with a solid plan, and follows to make sure the goals are achieved. I recommend Heidi for anyone who wants a thoughtful, maintainable (but challenging) fitness program. She also makes it fun. I look forward to my sessions with Heidi.”