It’s our second podcast limited-run series, (we really couldn’t be more obsessed with these!) and for the next 4 episodes, we will be taking the deep dive with a personal trainer and Parkinson’s and Neurological Disease Specialist, Heidi Weinberg. Bonus! We are also interviewing 4 of her clients that she is working with on their personal journey with Parkinson’s. You won’t want to miss this series which is incredibly insightful and inspiring, hearing from folks whose lives have shifted due to a diagnosis beyond their control, and how they are taking back their lives.

In today’s episode, we are chatting with Tom Ryan, who despite pursuing an incredibly healthy lifestyle for decades, was caught entirely off guard with a Parkinson’s diagnosis. We hear about his emotional reaction to the diagnosis as well as his determination and grit to do something about it, recognizing there are things he can’t control, and things he can – which is how he found Heidi! Heidi specializes in customizing her workouts (cognitive and physical) for each individual client, and works individually with every person to achieve the best result for their short and long-term goals!



Heidi Weinberg

Personal Trainer