It’s the 3rd episode in our second podcast limited-run series and we continue to take the deep dive with a personal trainer and Parkinson’s and Neurological Disease Specialist, Heidi Weinberg. In this series, we are interviewing 4 of her clients that she is working with on their personal journey with Parkinson’s. You won’t want to miss this series, which is incredibly insightful and inspiring, hearing from folks whose lives have shifted due to a diagnosis beyond their control, and how they are taking back their lives.

In today’s episode, we are chatting with guests Fran and Cindi Herman, a married husband and wife couple who are working hard to provide Fran with the best resources possible, as he works with not one, but two diagnoses of Parkinson’s and dementia. Today we chat about the journey a couple undergoes when a challenging medical diagnosis is delivered, and you’ll be inspired by their determination to help Fran in any way possible, working with Heidi being one of those avenues. We also chat about the emotional journey of getting a dual diagnosis (which are more rare), during a time in which the couple is retired, and looking forward to traveling and other adventures. Tune in, as their journey may help you or others you know!



Heidi Weinberg

Personal Trainer