What if we started out the New Year being introspective?

What if we truly identified areas of our lives – I’m talking about small changes – that would positively impact us?

What if adhering to one small change or eliminating something that isn’t serving you anymore resulted in a better 2021?

Start by asking yourself this question:

What is something I can stop (or start) doing today that would have the most impact on my life?

The truth is, making just one small positive change can create a ripple effect.


Stop eating dessert every night – start sleeping better – lose some weight – gain more energy – enjoy life more


Stop making vague resolutions – follow a written plan to achieve your goal – gain self-efficacy & self-esteem – find the courage to make other changes in your life

Change is never easy. But small, incremental steps can definitely make it more manageable.


Motivation is fleeting, so finding your purpose is powerful!

Large change is usually brought about by a series of small actions

The more we are in tune with our intrinsic motivation for change the greater likelihood we will stick to our game plan when life throws us curveballs (ACE Fitness).


Choosing a mantra can also help to achieve a positive mindset.

Here are some options I like:

Life is tough, but you’re tougher

– Never easy, always worth it

– It never gets easier, you just get better

– How you do anything is how you do everything

– We practice hard things so we can do hard things

One Day At A Time – and sometimes it has to be one morning, one afternoon, one hour or even one minute.

The time will pass anyway – so let’s make it a great 2021!










Heidi Weinberg

Personal Trainer