My new client was diagnosed over 2 years ago. At the time, he went to the neurologist mainly due to strange dreams/sleep issues. And, he left with a Parkinson’s diagnosis and a referral to physical therapy.

Not only was he completely caught off guard at the diagnosis, but physically he was not experiencing any symptoms.

The physical therapist worked with my client on large movements, gait pattern and balance. All things he didn’t think he needed since his movement wasn’t compromised.

So he stopped going and practicing the exercises.

Fast forward over 2 years later, and the telltale signs of Parkinson’s are there – a little tremor, small handwriting, compromised balance, small steps, little arm swing.

When I was certified in Delay the Disease, founder David Zid asked “If your client has no trouble taking large steps, should they still practice taking large steps?” That answer was YES.

Why? Few realize that many PD symptoms are actually habits – they do not have to happen! Things like arm swing, small gait, small handwriting, and even stooped posture.

The key is getting your heartrate up and practicing over and over again (plus adding in strength training can help with balance, stamina and movement patterns).

The ideal time to get started is ASAP – the sooner you start fighting, the more effective it will be!

Heidi Weinberg

Personal Trainer