As we get older, our priorities change.
Our perspectives change.

Our life circumstances change.

We start thinking about how we’d like to spend the rest of our lives. Where we will live. How we will live. Who and what is important to us.

The underlying – and perhaps most important – key to the rest of our lives is HEALTH.

I’m sure you’ve heard it before – health is wealth – without health you have nothing.


We live in a “disease-care system focused on cure and not prevention.”

It is on US to be proactive in order to keep quality of life as we age!


Being fit doesn’t mean you will escape illness or accident. It does mean that you will have the strength & stamina going into a situation to handle it better and come out the other side. Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable in the gym will see you through many of life’s difficulties and challenges. It changes your body – but it also gives you mental fortitude.

Heidi Weinberg

Personal Trainer