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When I first started as a Delay the Disease trainer, I visited David Zid (the founder)
at his facility in Columbus, Ohio.
While there, I observed his Parkinson’s bootcamp class.
The participants started out by walking or running laps around the gym to warm
up. They then dispersed to various stations – core, balance, strength, cardio.
Always included:

  • Dual task/cognitive
  • Reciprocal Movement
  • Rotation
  • Large Amplitude
  • Challenging for the client’s fitness level and symptoms
    As I was taking notes, I realized how tough that class was. David turned to me and
    said “See these people? Most have been training with me for 10 years and their
    symptoms have not progressed.”
    The truth is your brain works more efficiently when you exercise.
    In order to delay symptoms, exercise must be challenging. This can vary between
    clients. One may be challenged doing bodyweight moves, another will benefit
    from using weights. As you get stronger, you need to progress.

I like to target the specific symptoms my client is having – rigidity, posture,
balance, small steps, getting in/out of the car or bed, etc.
If this all sounds confusing to you and you don’t know where to start, I can help
create the right program for you.
It never gets easier you just get stronger!

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