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What Sets You Apart: Navigating Strength as You Age


You want to be independent. You want to be self-sufficient. You want to feel strong.

This is part of what sets you apart from others.

You put in the time and energy to feel and look better. To have more energy, more vitality. Less falls. Feel younger. Keep your mind sharp.

This is another part.

BUT – how do you actually KNOW if you’re on the right path? Who guides you? Do you follow a random online program? Attend a group exercise class that is programmed for everyone, regardless of fitness level or limitations?

If you hire a personal trainer, how confident are you that they actually know how to safely program for an older adult?

Today, I took an online webinar. It was 8 hours!

Part of what we learned:
Pre and Post Hip Replacement Exercises
Mobility & Stability for Lower Back Issues
Programming for shoulder/overhead strength
Eccentric Training Strategies

We also learned from case studies – identifying issues and solutions for different scenarios.

I’ve been training older adults over 11 years and have attended multiple online and in person trainings to ensure I program correctly. I’ve worked with and seen it all – Parkinson’s clients, arthritis, knee replacements, hip replacements, unidentified neurological issues, MCI, and more. And I seek knowledge from the best in the industry – those who “train the trainer” and have knowledge/skills I admire.

If you are reading this, chances are you are motivated to age well. You probably already prioritize exercise in your life. Work with a professional who can guide you in the best way possible on a path toward continuing to live your best life!

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