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Which Exercise Gives a Big Return on Fall Prevention?

We’ve all seen it –

Someone falls.
They get scared and stay home more.
Which means they get weaker.
They need (or want) to go out somewhere.
They fall.

Is this a self-fulfilling prophecy?

Can this cycle be stopped?

Yes – it can!

According to the webinar I attended this weekend, one exercise you should be doing tor fall prevention is:

Eccentric exercises are exercises that involve lengthening a muscle while still contracting it. Eccentric exercise is the opposite of concentric exercise.

Exercises that target eccentric contraction are usually done by lowering an object or weight with control. This differs from concentric contractions where the aim is to lift an object or weight with force (LIFT Physio).

Why does this work? It teaches you deceleration – or control. Studies show this type of exercise improves strength and power.

I utilize deceleration training in my programming for all of my older adults. Learning how to stabilize against an outside force is key to helping prevent falls.

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