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Delay the Disease/Parkinson’s

Delay the Disease/Parkinson’s

Delay the Disease (now called Total Healthworks) is a Parkinson’s Certification by David Zid. I create programming based in part on this course, other certifications I have received, trainings I have attended on PD (including Struthers Parkinson’s Center), and working with many clients with various symptoms & researching what works for them.

Training the Older Adult mentorship

A one-on-one mentorship with Robert Linkul, owner of Training The Older Adult. He taught me how to effectively program for fall prevention, working around injuries, taking a frail older adult and getting them stronger.

Brain Health Specialist

“The world is facing an epidemic of cognitive decline, and research demonstrates that exercise may be the most powerful tool is slowing or preventing it. ‣ Neuroscience research surrounding the brain benefits of exercise is evolving. Keeping up can be challenging, confusing, and complex.”

Functional Aging Specialist

 A different approach to training that allows me to work effectively with a wide variety of ages, functional abilities, health conditions and goals.

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Through continuing education and recertification every 2 years, I keep up with the latest research on older adults and fitness.

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